I was brought into photography at a very early age by my father who was a keen amateur photographer. As soon as he thought, I was old enough to carry a camera, he bought me my first camera.

While at primary school, I of course enrolled in the special photographic class to learn the secrets of the darkroom, and from that point onwards, I was really hooked, spending most of my spare time shooting. It was, however, not until I was 25 that I realized that portrait and wedding photography was my calling.

Now 25 years later, photography still takes up much of my days, both when working in the studio and away from the business in my leisure time. I LOVE creating photographs. It´s great satisfaction for me to see how my images are capable of touching people´s feelings, whether it is portraits of their children, their family, their graduate son or daughter, or their wedding images.

Like most women, I simply love weddings.  Your own wedding day is just something very special, and I think it is a privilege to be allowed to document such a day, such a moment, such love between two lovers, tying the knot to become husband and wife.

I am the storyteller, and my images tell a fine story of love, documenting all the unseen moments and unforgettable situations of the day, providing you with the opportunity to look back on the wonderful experience.